I started woodturning 45 years ago as a wee lad in high school, and still have some of those first projects.  Since than, I have hopefully improved my skills and techniques during my 26 year career of teaching.  I have taught in schools from Jr. High to University, stretching from Iowa to New Mexico and Colorado.  I have given demonstrations across the Western U.S., including Utah, Montana, North Dakota, and Colorado at club meetings, weekend workshops, and symposiums.  I still love to teach, and welcome new opportunities.

I am a long time member of the AAW and the Rocky Mountain Woodturners, of which I have been President for 3 separate terms.  I was bestowed with the Lifetime Achievement Award from the RMWT, and was honored as a "Long-time Friend of the Utah Woodturning Symposium" in 2014.  I have shown my work in several shows, including Cheyenne's Western Spirit Art Show and Sale, and as a 7-time artist at Loveland's Sculpture In the Park.

My work reflects my appreciation and respect for the natural beauty of wood through my minimalistic approach that accentuates the natural colors, grain patterns, and characteristics of the timber, without too much embellishment competing with those strengths.